Disposal Requirements:

  • All Federal Government or non-UNM owned equipment must be cleared by the agency for disposal before sending to Surplus Property.
  • Equipment must be cleaned/drained of any fluids prior to disposal request (if applicable). Call Surplus Property for assistance at 277-2923.
  • All large furniture too big to fit through the doorway or attached to the wall/floor must be disassembled before Surplus can schedule a pick-up.
  • Adhere to University Administrative Policy 4610 on acquisition and disposition of UNM surplus equipment.

Items Qualified for Disposal

Yes No
  • Furniture
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers/Fax/Copiers
  • Lab Equipment
  • Refrigerators***
  • Freezers***
  • Lab Equipment w/Freon***
  • Glass**
  • Cardboard/Paper**
  • Binders**
  • Paint*
  • Needles*
  • Building Materials (doors, ceiling tiles, carpet, drapes, light fixtures, etc...)*
Submit a disposal request using AppTree : *Contact Facilities Management - 277-7246
**Contact Recycling - 277-1681
***Submit a disposal request using AppTree. Once approved by Surplus Property via email:
Submit a work order with the Facilities Management:

When using AppTree to surplus the following non-tagged items, a serial number is required in the description field:

  • Computers (Servers, Blade Switches, etc.)
  • Tablets
  • Drones
  • Printers
  • Refrigerator/Freezers
  • Lab equipment (Fume Hoods, Incubators, Lasers, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Spectrometer, Sequencer, Water bath, etc.)
  • Vehicles (VIN required)

If you have questions about non-tagged items please contact Surplus Property at 277-2923 or


Surplus UNM Vehicles

In accordance with UNM Policy 4610, only the Surplus Property Department may sell surplus UNM property off campus. Should you wish to surplus or sell a department vehicle, please refer to the Disposal instructions in the Forms tab to submit a vehicle disposal request.

Your vehicle will remain at your department location until all applicable approvals have been completed and Surplus Property will notify UNM Automotive respectively to remove UNM decals and prepare your vehicle for sale. All applicable fees associated with UNM decals removal and preparation for sale will be processed by UNM Automotive accordingly.

In addition, vehicle insurance will remain active and is the responsibility of the department requesting the vehicle surplus/removal until the vehicle is sold at public auction. If you have any questions about any items that qualify for disposal please call Surplus Property (505) 277-2923 or contact us at for assistance.

Laboratory Equipment Disposal

All lab equipment (freezer, refrigerator, fume hoods, incubators, lasers, centrifuges, etc.) must be decontaminated, drained, cleaned prior to pick-up.

Fill out the Laboratory_Equipment_Decontamination_Form for each item that has been decontaminated and place a copy on each item.

When decontamination is complete, please contact University Services to let them know the item is clean and ready for pick up.

If any of the items are refrigerated and/or contain Freon, you also need to submit a FM Service Request on the iService Desk website, here. Facility Management charges a $50.00 disposal/recycling fee per unit, so you will need an index number for the charge.

The contact person at FM Special Activities for removal of refrigerators/Freon-containing items is Nick Royle at

A memo is required when submitting a Surplus Disposal request when:

  1. UNM Asset tag number was purchased within the last three years.

  2. UNM Asset tag number has an acquisition cost greater than $10,000. (Asset is placed on hold and will need a final approval by Board of Regents that may take up to 3 months)

  3. UNM Asset tag number has a net book value greater than $5,000. (Asset is placed on hold and will need a final approval by Board of Regents that may take up to 3 months)

    *If any of the hold items are refrigerated and/or contain Freon must remain at the department until approved.

The required memo must be on your department letterhead and must include what the item was used for, reason for disposal, acquisition date, acquisition cost, net book value and any other special instructions that can be useful to Surplus Property when disposing of this asset.

When submitting a Surplus Property disposal request that requires a memo for justification, please refer to the below Sample Memo.