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Disposal Requirements:

  • All Federal Government or non-UNM owned equipment must be cleared by the agency for disposal before sending to Surplus Property.
  • Equipment must be cleaned/drained of any fluids prior to disposal request (if applicable). Call Safety & Risk Services (SRS) for assistance at 277-2753.
  • All large furniture too big to fit through the doorway or attached to the wall/floor must be disassembled before Surplus can schedule a pick-up.
  • Adhere to University Administrative Policy 4610 on acquisition and disposition of UNM surplus equipment.
  • Complete the Disposal Request Form and email it to

Items Qualified for Disposal

Yes No
  • Furniture
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers/Fax/Copiers
  • Lab Equipment
  • Refrigerators*
  • Freezers*
  • Needles*
  • Paint
  • Glass**
  • Cardboard**
  • Building Materials (doors, ceiling tiles, carpet, drapes, etc...)***
*Contact Physical Plant Movers - 277-7246
**Contact Recycling - 277-1681
***Submit a work order with the Physical Plant Dept: